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Cold Mornings Are Meant For Hot Towels

I'm sure most of us know the dreaded feeling of know that you must exit the hot and cozy shower on a chilly morning. Think now, on this chilly morning, of reaching outside the shower and firmly grasping a nice, hot, waiting towel. The luxury of a towel warmer certainly lessens the blow of a shower-exit on a cool AM.

This is not all towel warmers are good for. Warmers can dry pool towels and laundry delicates as well. You can also pre-warm your winter garb for the same chilly morning you dread leaving the shower.

Expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $1500 for a towel warmer depending on where you're shopping and any extra features that may be included. Warmers also come in a variety of colors to blend with your current bathroom d├ęcor as seamlessly as possible.

Other choices include how you want your towel warmer to be located. If you're in dire need of saving space or you're an efficiency addict, you may want to consider going with a wall-mountable towel warmer. A free-standing towel warmer provides more options in that you can move it wherever you choose in addition to the fact that you may have more of a selection to choose from in terms of available decorative styles.

Another option to consider when choosing the permanence of a warmer's location is that of electricity. Towel warmers are available in both hardwired and pluggable models. If you anticipate moving the towel warmer for special occasions (like pool parties) then get one that can be plugged in. If seamlessness in design is important to you then opt for the hardwired model for minimum wall blemishes and smooth lines.

Getting fancy: Some towel warmers even come with a timer feature installed. If you're serious about having a time-saving and top of the line towel warmer, then this feature may be just what the doctor ordered.

Size considerations: Just like everything else in this modern world, towel warmers come in a plethora of sizes. Here's your tip on this one: use common sense! How many towels do you need warmed at once? Is this for poolside gatherings? Or simply to make your winter Monday mornings more bearable? We'll let you fill in the blanks on this one, hehe.
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