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Putting the Finishing Touches on your Bathroom

If you are at this point in your bathroom remodel, most of your work is done. At this point, you will want to pick out items such as grab bars, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, shelves, towel racks, toilet tissue holders, mirrors, medicine cabinets and light fixtures.

You will want to coordinate these items so they all match or go well together. Installing these items should be done with care, especially when you are installing grab bars. These should be mounted into the wall studs.

When framing the walls where a grab bar is to be installed, extra framing may be required to accommodate a grab bar therefore a little preplanning is required. Whenever possible, all of these accessories should be mounted in the wall studs.

A common problem that occurs when installing tissue holders is that at least one of the holder parts will not be mounted in the wall stud because the studs are typically 16 inches on center and the tissue holders are only about 6 or so inches apart. This can cause a big problem because most tissue holders use spring loaded spindles that can put too much pressure on the side that isn’t mounted in the stud. There are different ways to deal with this. If you planned ahead, you had extra framing put in before the studs were covered allowing for good mounting. If that is not an option, and mounting the holder using anchors does not keep the tissue holder stationary, you can use construction adhesive to help hold the holder on to the wall. There are one-piece tissue holders that eliminate this problem but some of these require cutting a large hole in the wall. There are also stand alone tissue holders that require no installation at all.

Soap dishes and toothbrush holders can be wall-mounted or countertop. If you choose countertop you need to make sure you have enough counter space to accommodate them. The advantage of using countertop accessories like these is that they are easily replaceable when you redecorate. If you have chosen a pedestal sink, you will need to use wall mounted soap dishes and toothbrush holders at the sink. A concern that you will want to address when picking out a toothbrush holder whether it is wall mounted or countertop is the size of the holes for the toothbrushes. Many toothbrushes now have over-sized handles that do not fit in many conventional sized holders. If you don’t want to change your toothbrush type, you should check to see if the holder can accommodate your toothbrushes.

Mirrors are often attached using strong epoxy. Cutting mirrors to size is difficult and can be dangerous. It is wise to seek professional help for this part of the remodel. After the mirror is installed, it is a good idea to put some sort of framing around it. This will add a nice finishing touch as well as cover sharp edges that can cut you when cleaning the mirror. If you do put a frame around the mirror, be aware that the back of the frame might be reflected in the mirror so you should make sure that the back is finished.

A medicine cabinet is a good way to add a mirror and storage at the same time. These come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Lighted medicine cabinets are a great way to add lighting to your bathroom. Just remember that there must be the necessary wiring in place for this. A small medicine cabinet is the perfect solution for storage space if you have chosen a pedestal sink with no storage beneath.
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